OIML Certificate of Conformity

Issuing authority – DK3 – of OIML certificates of conformity

When the weighing instrument has been tested according to an OIML Recommendation we can issue an OIML Certificate of Conformity with the obtained results for the weighing instrument.

FORCE Technology can do this – as issuing authority DK3 – according to the following OIML Recommendations:

R50 Continuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments (belt weighers)

R51 Automatic catchweighing instruments

R60 Load cells

R61 Automatic gravimetric filling instruments

R76 Non automatic weighing instruments

R106 Automatic rail-weighbridges

R107 Discontinuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments

R129 Multi-dimensional measuring instruments

R134 Automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion

Quotation for such a certification is obtainable from the contact person.

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